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Trump team releases plan to move BLM headquarters to Grand Junction...

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration revealed sweeping plans on Tuesday to dismantle and disperse the Bureau of Land Management, sending its current headquarters staff...

I-25 billboard about Sand Dunes: “Wish you weren’t drilling here!”

A conservation group has a new billboard taking public aim at a Trump administration plan to allow drilling near the Great Sand Dunes. "Wish You...

Despite Gardner vote, US Senate fails to revoke Obama methane rule

The U.S. Senate failed this morning to repeal an Obama-era methane rule, instead voting to preserve regulations which limit oil and gas-related methane emissions...

More than 500 oil and gas spills reported in 2016, data...

Oil and gas companies in Colorado reported at total of 509 industry-related spills in 2016, a new report finds. That's down from the 615 spills reported...

How to win Colorado’s undecided vote: land conservation

Undecided Coloradans across the spectrum value and even prioritize environmental conservation, a new report finds. The Center for Western Priorities launched its 2016 "Winning the West"...

Map plots boomtime drilling spills (lots of them) in Colorado

Election season will heat up. The battle for local control over the oil-and gas industry will rage. And drilling will continue at its breakneck pace , which will mean more accidents and spills.

Colorado drilling data: More than a spill a day

Along with buckled highways, washed-away towns and floating SUVs, lasting images of the floods that ravaged northern Colorado last year include the wrenched remains of fracking well pads.

Critics say outdated oil-and-gas royalty rate costing Colorado millions

In a state where the general fund is predicted to run dry by 2025 and where residents have to vote to raise taxes on themselves and rarely do, hiking the onshore royalty rate seems like an easy decision to make.

Report: Oil and Gas Industry Exerts Outsized Political Influence in Colorado

DENVER-- A report released today by Colorado Ethics Watch describes oil-and-gas industry spending on state election campaigns and legislative lobbying efforts as disproportionally influential and “shocking.”
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