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Detainee details time in ICE subfield office ‘black site’

Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokespeople balked at questions posed by the Colorado Independent in January about the roughly nine ICE "substation" holding facilities located throughout the state. They downplayed concerns about rights violations and about detainees disappearing for hours and days unable to be located by loved ones and advocates. Basalt-resident Edgar Niebla was held in one of the substations. He told the Colorado Independent the concerns are justified.

McInnis support for Arizona immigration law drawing appalled reactions

Colorado Democratic Party leaders and rights groups are voicing appalled reaction to statements made Wednesday by GOP gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis, who lauded Arizona Governor Jan Brewer for signing tough, deeply controversial and perhaps unconstituional immigration laws in the country last week. McInnis said he would seek to do the same thing in Colorado were he to win election.

Colorado Latino leaders work to derail proposed census boycott

As a proposed national Latino census boycott receives increased media attention, many Latino and immigrant organizations in Colorado say they’re thankful the movement hasn't taken hold so far in the Centennial State. “We’re hoping it doesn’t become a huge issue here,” said Chandra Russo spokeswoman for the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition. “Latinos gain strength in numbers. Diminish the numbers and you diminish the influence and power of Latinos. Only uninformed people would propose something of this nature. They’re not aware of the damage they might do.”