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U.S. Catholics support health reform; reject position advanced by bishops

According to a poll conducted this month by Belden Russonello and Stewart for the group Catholics for Choice, churchgoing Catholics support both a public...

Catholic bishops silent on private insurance and abortion

Catholic leadership has worked to block health care reform mostly by arguing that Democratic plans fail to guard against public funding for abortions. ...

Conservatives now outright supporting health-care status quo

Two conservative leaders in Colorado, Archbishop Charles Chaput and state Senator Greg Brophy, R-Wray, are advancing the position that no health reform is better...

Denver Archbishop Chaput welcomed discontented Legionaries

Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput, head of the North American Vatican investigation into the secretive Legionaries of Christ Catholic order, has long been familiar with...

Denver Archbishop Chaput investigating vast sex-and-money Church scandal

Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput will be traveling this week and next and maybe into the fall. He has been asked by the Pope to...

State GOP candidates warm-up Fort Collins faithful for 2010

Republican leaders addressing the crowd at Friday night's second-annual Larimer County GOP shrimp-boil fundraiser and straw poll event in Fort Collins steered clear of social issues like abortion and gay marriage that have featured prominently in Larimer County politics of the past. They focused instead on calls to rein in government spending and pass more pro-business legislation. That message, peppered throughout with references to Ronald Reagan and aimed chiefly against the Obama administration, suggested the steep challenge these candidates face in winning office in 2010.

Chaput, Polis push ‘mutual interest’ in immigration reform

In a case of the world's strangest bedfellows, U.S. Rep. Jared Polis and Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput set aside their vast political differences to join forces Saturday to promote federal immigration reform at a Northglenn church Saturday. Those competing world views weren't lost on the Catholic News Agency's awkwardly worded press release citing Polis as "openly homosexual and a supporter of abortion rights" in which the archbishop and Boulder congressman "would disagree 'vigorously' on ‘some very serious social issues.’"

Denver’s eloquent archbishop issues weak statement on Tiller murder

Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput, one of the most outspoken Catholic critics of abortion in the country and a major force behind the pro-life protests against President Obama's appearance and honorary award at Notre Dame last month, issued a four-sentence statement today in reaction to the anti-abortion murder of Dr. George Tiller yesterday in Kansas.

Outspoken Archbishop Chaput yet to weigh in on Bush torture memos

Archbishop of Denver Charles Chaput is not one to shy away from national politics and he encourages Catholics around the country to engage as well. The connection between Catholic ethics and government policy is fast becoming a specialty in his public speaking. Yet so far there has been nothing issued from his office to guide Catholic thought on the matter of the shocking Bush torture memos and the meaning of their release.

Archbishop Chaput weighs in on Obama-Notre Dame flap, whips up flock,...

Predictably, Denver's outspoken Archbishop Charles Chaput has managed to insert himself front and center in the sturm und drang over "pro-abortion" President Obama's scheduled graduation commencement speech at a Catholic institution of higher education, the University of Notre Dame. Over the weekend, Chaput gave a speech at a quiet seminary in Detroit, not far north of Notre Dame, and managed to lead U.S. Catholics into pro-life / anti-Obama frenzy and confusion.
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