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Confederate and American flags burned at Denver anti-racist rally

“If he was black, he’d be dead. You better believe it,” Denver civil rights activist Virgil Robinson said about Dylann Roof — the young...

Keefe: The Confederate flag, terrorism and the right to bear arms

For more on these issues, check out Mike Littwin's columns: "Taking down the Confederate flag and racist pride, too" and "Charleston’s not the last...

Senator Mike Johnston asks white people to show love after Charleston...

"As a white American I think we should make a point today to make a small but powerful statement that today we all stand together: and do it by stopping by any AME church in your community and perform a quiet act of service and leave a humble note of thanks."

Denver’s black churches unite after Charleston shooting

"Where are we safe? Our children are victimized at school. Our young men are being killed by the police over, and over, and over again. Now we go to the house of God, a house of prayer, a place of worship, and we are attacked in the house of God because somebody wants to kill black people. Where are we safe?"
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