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Wiretap: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg lost in the Florida special election

Retirement was a hot topic that died down when Ginsburg, who turns 81 this week, made it clear she wasn't going anywhere. But Democrats could lose control of the Senate this year.

Oil spill Thursday news: BP killed ‘drill baby drill’

The Florida Independent posts a great quick and dirty round up of today's Gulf oil catastrophe news. Florida is calling for a "claims process...

Florida Independent wraps up oil spill coverage

The recently launched Florida Independent, another of the Colorado Independent's sister sites, posted a new regular feature this afternoon. Contributor Travis Pillow (That's his...

DeMint on Buck endorsement: ‘We’ve got to have an earthquake election’

South Carolina U.S. Senator and national conservative-movement lawmaker leader Jim DeMint officially announced he was endorsing Weld County DA Ken Buck in the Colorado Republican primary contest aimed at taking Sen. Michael Bennet's seat this November. DeMint said he had been watching the race closely for months but that he had waited to see how "Coloradans would speak."

Repeal pledge latest Republican litmus test

Top Colorado Republican candidates running for seats in Washington have all pledged to repeal health care reform, even though practical chances of repeal are thin and the bill is growing more popular by the day. Senate candidates Ken Buck, Tom Wiens and Jane Norton have vowed to work to repeal, as has state Rep. Cory Gardner, who is running for Democrat Betsy Markey's Congressional seat. With the Tea Party activists rallied relentlessly around opposition to the bill over the course of the last 12 months, there is little room to give up the health care fight for candidates on the right in tight races, no matter how impractical.

On stimulus spending, some state GOP officials split with national figures

WASHINGTON-- To hear Republicans in Congress tell it, the Grand Old Party is pretty much united against the deficit-spending approach to economic recovery. Don’t tell that to local GOP officials.

Faced with the most severe budget crises in decades, state and local policymakers from across the country — including a growing list of prominent Republicans — have been only too happy to accept the additional federal funding that accompanied last year’s $787 billion stimulus bill. Not only did that money prop up job markets, many say, but it kept social-service programs running strong during a period of greatest need. They don't see stimulus spending as indebting the future. They see it as an investment in the future.

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