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Littwin: The NRA quietly gives us something to talk about

Now that the White House, Congress and NRA are talking about guns and the Las Vegas massacre, I guess that means it’s officially no...

Wiretap: White cop charged with murdering a black youth in Chicago

Officer charged In Chicago, a white cop is charged with murder a year after the shooting death of a black teen, and the city finally releases the...

Help wanted: Supporters for coal lobby

DENVER — The coal industry is resorting to online classifieds to bolster its ranks. “We hear stories of people paying folks $50 through Craigslist to come and wear shirts supporting 'Coal for America,'” Lisa Jackson, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's administrator and surprise guest at the “Rebel With A Cause” gala, told a ballroom of activists on Thursday night.

Right-wingers go for gold medal in hypocrisy over Obama Chicago bid

As conservatives continue to gleefully hurl javelins Barack Obama’s way for his failed bid to even get his adopted hometown of Chicago on the...

New York Times: Denver is the new Chicago

Denver must have done a good job of slathering on the world class charm during the Democratic National Convention last month, because the New York Times has named the Mile High City the next Chicago.
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