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Wiretap: Stagnant class mobility; gun-scared Castle Rock employees

Bad news for the American dream. According to a study by leading economists, mobility hasn't changed over the last 50 years.

Wiretap: The Christie-Sherman big men soundbites quiz

The Newark Star Ledger who-said-it quiz: Chris Christie or Roger Sherman. Let's just say it's much harder than getting a pass past Sherman in the end zone.

Wiretap: We all already live in Hillary-land, or not

Despite what everyone may think or say, Hillary Clinton isn't a sure thing to run away with the Democratic nomination in 2016. History shows it almost never happens the way it seems like it will happen.

Wiretap: Paul Krugman was not watching TV this weekend

Things happened over the weekend other than the Broncos game and the Grammys. Not that anyone -- except apparently New York Times economist Paul Kruger -- is interested in anything else.

Chris Christie on a last chance power drive

If Chris Christie isn't finished yet as a presidential contender, that just means there's still time to start your office pool. (Post now includes video!)

Wiretap: Christie press conference nowhere near as long or horrible as...

Yes, the Chris Christie press conferences is finally over. The question remains: Is Chris Christie finished, too?

Wiretap: The war on the war to help the people who...

Fifty years after Lyndon Johnson launched the War on Poverty, the battle now is about who won. Nobody won.

Wiretap: The NRA, the NSA, Guv Christie’s traffic jam

It seems to make no sense that a year after the murderous rampage at Sandy Hook that Congress wouldn't have passed even the most modest of guns laws. No sense, unless you understand the political power of the NRA.

Wiretap: Republicans not drinking the tea

Elections, elections, elections. What else is there to say? Plenty. That's why we're leading with election stories from Virginia, New Jersey and New York City.

Election Day Quiz: Do you look like a winner?

It's Election Day, meaning it's time for our first annual election quiz. There will be a prize. We just haven't figured out what it is yet.
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