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Darryl Glenn’s no good, very bad week

Darryl Glenn might not be having the kind of week he hoped for. If you saw his six-minute speech Monday night at the Republican National...

Littwin: In the Senate, mature or ambitious, not both

  This won't surprise you, but the story of Cory Gardner's ascent to the Senate and to national prominence is already being rewritten, in the...

Wisconsin recall elections: A sign of hope or more hell?

Today, Wisconsin is holding the greatest recall election in U.S. history. Six Republican senators are on the block, a result of Governor Scott Walker's sweeping anti-worker's rights proposals and the legislative maneuvering he engineered to pass them, which managed to offend Democratic and Republican lawmakers alike. Amid a deep jobless recession, the brief Wisconsin campaigns have reportedly drawn roughly $40 million in spending. The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza describes them as "special elections on steroids," but adds that it's hard to draw any conclusions about what the unique showdown means

Penry reportedly dropping out of governor’s race

Reports surfacing in the last hour suggest State Sen. Josh Penry is set to announce he will be ending his campaign to unseat Gov. Bill Ritter. Penry campaign spokesman Andrew Cole did not confirm reports. Although Penry jumped into the campaign strongly this summer, winning "rising star" status from popular Washington Post blogger Chris Cillizza, he has recently struggled.

WashPo versus DenPo on ‘rising’ Republican Josh Penry

Today, Washington Post writer Chris Cillizza featured Colorado Republican state senator Josh Penry in his series "The Rising," which profiles up-and-coming politicians across the...
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