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Hancock nails it: 58-42

It was ugly. It was funny. In the end, though, it was all Michael Hancock running away with the thing. Going from the projects to the mayor's office isn't exactly rags to riches; more like rags to flannels and khakis. It's a good story, though.

Secure Communities investigation planned

As Denver's mayoral candidates address the contentious issue of how fully Denver should participate in Secure Communities, a federal agency announces a major study of the program--to determine its effectiveness, fairness and cost.

VIDEO: Mayors race getting uglier by the day

The contest between Chris Romer and Michael Hancock for mayor of Denver is getting to the point where Tom Tancredo may need to step in and mediate.

Ferrandino: McNulty risking billion-plus just to satisfy payday loan industry

Denver Democratic Rep. Mark Ferrandino this morning told radio host David Sirota that Coloradans should demand state Republican Speaker of the House Frank McNulty strip out the last-minute amendment his caucus added to the annual rule-making bill in order to roll back payday loan fee regulations put in place last year. Ferrandino said Republicans were playing chicken with billions of dollars in Colorado business revenue just to cater to one special-interest group.

Mejia says Romer best equipped to be mayor

James Mejia today said he has known both Chris Romer and Michael Hancock for years. His endorsement of Romer, he said, is because he believes Romer is most prepared to be mayor and shares many of Mejia's own ideals.

Surprise: Mejia endorses Romer for mayor

James Mejia announced this morning he is endorsing Chris Romer for mayor of Denver.

Romer and Hancock mix it up over abortion rights

You thought the Denver mayor's race was maybe a little boring, that maybe the candidates were fairly interchangeable, give or take gender and skin color. Well, now that we are down to two, the gloves seem to be coming off.

Theresa Spahn endorses Romer for mayor

Former candidate for Denver mayor Theresa Spahn on Thursday endorsed Chris Romer for mayor. Spahn, always a dark horse candidate nonetheless appealed to certain element of the electorate who appreciated her low-key intelligence and thoughtful approach to issues.

Hancock salutes Earth day–lays out green plan

Denver mayoral candidate Michael Hancock today sent out a press release touting the green initiatives he will push as mayor. Turns out he isn't the only mayoral candidate with a green plan. See them all here.

Mejia applauds Senate for passage of Asset bill

Denver Mayoral Candidate James Mejia today issued a statement in support of SB 126, the Asset Bill which provides undocumented students access to higher education. He called for quick passage of the bill by the Colorado House of Representatives.
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