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Denver mayoral race trains spotlight on city police force

Denver police may be facing a shakedown if Denver mayoral candidates adhere to statements made Thursday night. During a forum held by community advocates, most mayoral candidates vowed to ensure transparency, change flawed practices of the past and improve community policing efforts.

Smooth like that, Linkhart survives alt-Denver mayoral debate

Doug Linkhart is the survivor. He won the reality-TV-style alt-Denver Mayoral debate hosted last night by NewEra Colorado, OneColorado and Planned Parenthood-- the best candidate forum ever™. The Montclair-neighborhood Democrat, an at-large city councilman and former state representative and senator took a laid-back Linkhart approach to the event. He coasted through early rounds of questioning and shined at the end, espousing an updated version of a 1960s platform that would shift focus and resources from prisons to schools, turbocharge green energy development and implementation in the city and legalize pot.

VIDEO: Romer releases new ad featuring cupcakes

Promising to do exactly what former Mayor John Hickenlooper promised to do, Denver mayoral candidate Chris Romer has released his second television ad.

‘Survivor’-style Denver mayoral debate may be best candidate debate ever

Accepting the fact that electoral politics is as much entertainment as politics and that all entertainment must now include text-message voting, youth-voter organization NewEra Colorado is gathering Denver's mayoral candidates for a debate that will embrace our fully mediated reality-teevee era. Scheduled for Wednesday evening, the debate will subject candidates to Denver trivia questions in addition to more standard policy questions. The candidates will answer to live-audience member, video participants and a panel of experts. Denver Fox News reporter Eli Stokols will play the panel's Steven Tyler. Ellen Dumm of the Campaign for a Strong Colorado will play J-Lo.

VIDEO: Romer hits mayoral airwaves with education spot

Denver mayoral candidate Chris Romer will hit the airwaves tomorrow with a 30-second spot touting his commitment to jobs and education.

Doug Linkhart to be top name on Denver mayoral ballot

Drawing names randomly out of a bowl last night, it was determined that Doug Linkhart's name will be listed first on ballots for Denver Mayor.

Mejia and Linkhart endorse civil unions bill

Thursday, Denver Mayoral Candidates James Mejia and Doug Linkhart issued statements endorsing the civil unions bill currently making its uncertain way through the Legislature. They join fellow candidate Chris Romer who issued a similar statement earlier this week.

Chris Romer endorses civil unions bill

Denver mayoral candidate Chris Romer today voiced his strong support for Colorado’s civil union bill, Senate Bill 172, and his backing of full marriage equity.

Hancock joins Romer in telling Denver to open budget meetings

Earlier this week, Denver mayoral candidate Chris Romer called on the City of Denver to open budget meetings to the public and press. Today, Denver City Councilman and fellow candidate Michael Hancock, also said the meetings need to be open to all.

Romer calls on Denver to open budget talks

Denver mayoral candidate Chris Romer Monday called on the City of Denver to open meetings of a budget task force to the public. The City has said the task force is not a "formally constituted" body and hence does not have to follow open meeting laws.
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