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Pulse of religion still beats in conservative politics

  "AM I the only guy who’s ending sentences with ‘amen’ this weekend?” Ralph Reed, conservative political operative and born-again Christian, asked during his speech...

Colo. Springs Vice Mayor Small goes big, supports PrideFest

Colorado Springs is not the most gay-friendly town. Regardless, PrideFest is coming Sunday. Mayor Lionel Rivera is withholding his support for the event because,...

Colorado’s citizen initiative system gears up for another monster ballot

Louis Schroeder came to the State Capitol on Friday to attend a review hearing on a ballot initiative he authored that aims to radically reduce Colorado property taxes. Schroeder and four staff members from the government's Legislative Council and Legal Services offices sat around a long table in a narrow room for more than an hour, considering a 10-page report staffers had prepared on various legal points.

Christian Coalition Gives GOP Headaches

Claims made against Republican primary candidates by the Christian Coalition of Colorado are running the gambit from half-truths to "flat-out lies", reports the Rocky...
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