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Christian-right leaders resolve to throw support, cash to Santorum

In four days, presidential candidate Rick Santorum will face Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney and the dwindling pool of contenders jockeying to win South Carolina’s primary. In the Palmetto state, however, unlike the contests in Iowa and New Hampshire this month, Santorum enjoys united support from the top leaders of America’s conservative Christian movement, the kind of support that comes with cash.

Talking point: The Tea Party is not about abortion

In a Q&A hosted by the Washington Post last week, Matt Kibbe, president of FreedomWorks-- the multimillion dollar Dick Armey advocacy group that fueled...

Texas Board of Ed to battle over the role of minorities,...

Early next year, minority advocates will face off against the religious right in what statesman.com called “a fight…that could make the last one look...
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