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Read the bill: Colorado Republicans rally around proposal to outlaw abortion

The bill is unconstitutional, doomed to quick legislative death, redundant and politically deadly. Republicans made a statement, either by signing on to it or by not signing on to it.

Stapleton DUI police report as quoted by Denver Post leaves questions...

Excerpts trickling out from police records describing a 1999 drunk driving accident in San Francisco seem to corroborate the account of Ginger Vasquez, a victim in the accident, who said Colorado Treasurer-elect Walker Stapleton was driving drunk and attempted to flee the scene of the accident. The police report conflicts with Stapleton's version of events, in which he has repeatedly denied fleeing the scene.

Cagey Stapleton dogged by lingering DUI questions

The incomplete records available from candidate for treasurer Walker Stapleton's 1999 DUI arrest have raised questions the week before Election Day that Stapleton has only partly addressed. As more details of the case emerge, Stapleton's fudging and partial responses play into assertions made by Democratic incumbent Cary Kennedy that voters are right to question her opponent's commitment to transparency in a race that will decide who will manage billions in tax payer cash in the coming four years.
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