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Beetle-kill wildfire bill moves on as Scanlan, Gibbs lobby feds

The biggest no-brainer piece of legislation the state’s 67th General Assembly will like see this session, the Community Wildfire Protection Plan (or SB 1), easily passed out of the House on Wednesday, even as its co-sponsor, Rep. Christine Scanlan (D-Dillon) headed to Washington seeking federal funds to combat the beetle-kill epidemic.

Gibbs expects ‘FASTER’ road-funding bill to be slowed in the House

State Sen. Dan Gibbs (D-Dillon) took his controversial transportation-funding bill on the road over the weekend, trying to get out in front a fickle public largely unwilling to increase taxes for road and bridge fixes in recent years.

GOP Senate caucus rejects FASTER; bill moves on to House

Lawmakers, after initially singing Kumbaya on a transportation funding bill that would raise vehicle registration fees to pay for road and bridge repairs, went their bipartisan ways late Wednesday when the possibility of tolling on existing roads was reintroduced. That prompted a Democrat-led state Senate vote of approval by a 19-16 party-line margin late Wednesday, and a mass exodus by Republicans.

UPDATED: Wheel of fortune: How do we pay for roads and...

State lawmakers continue to be divided along party lines on a controversial Senate bill that would raise vehicle registration fees $32 a year to pay for badly needed road and bridge repairs. The bill's main impact would be to boost vehicle registration fees $32 annually, raising a little over $200 million in its first year to fund badly needed road and bridge repairs, including the state’s 126 structurally deficient bridges. It's cruising through the statehouse under the catchy slogan-title Funding Advancement for Surface Transportation and Economic Recovery or FASTER.

Hasan spent more than $350,000 on failed state House bid

Republican Ali Hasan spent more than $350,000 on his failed campaign for the state House of Representatives, according to newspaper reports — more than four times the amount spent by his Democrat opponent, Christine Scanlan.

Hasan-Scanlan race turns ugly in its waning days

A high-profile and highly costly state House race notable for its bizarre twists and turns — restraining orders requested and dropped, vows of celibacy — has taken a turn toward the ugly in the final days before Tuesday’s election.

‘Call them crazy’? Vail Daily endorses Hasan, a former columnist, in...

First Ali Hasan wrote a biweekly column for the Vail Daily newspaper. Then he resigned that gig a year ago to seek state office (first Senate District 8, then House District 56 after Republicans rebuked him for initially planning to challenge popular GOP state Rep. Al White for SD8).

Hasan campaign in hot water over corporate gifts; watchdog group demands...

Republican statehouse candidate for House District 56 and GOP up-and-comer Ali Hasan received two potentially illegal corporate contributions last month that appear to have escaped the watchful eye of the Colorado Secretary of State's office and his wayward campaign accountant.

HD 56 candidate Hasan vows celibacy, opponent Scanlan scoffs

State House Rep. Christine Scanlan, D-Dillon, Thursday fired off a mass e-mail to her constituency questioning the judgment of her Republican opponent, Ali Hasan,...

Ferry axed as Vail Daily columnist

Apparently it’s OK to call everyone on the Front Range riff-raff, but when you question the character of Vail Resorts CEO Rob Katz and...
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