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Maes reportedly owns up to formerly ‘frivolous’ violations

Back in late May, Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes told our own Scot Kersgaard that a complaint filed against him by a Grand Junction...

Maes: Campaign finance irregularities reflect payment for early expenses

Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes Monday said all of his campaign expenses are absolutely legitimate. Referring to a complaint filed against his campaign by a Republican activist from Grand Junction, he said, “It is frivolous and it needs to go away.” Maes said the reason his campaign has paid him $33,135 in mileage reimbursement since October is because when he began campaigning in March, 2009, he paid for most of his mileage out of pocket because the campaign had very little money.

Maes campaign for governor draws finance complaint

According to documents filed with the Colorado Secretary of State, Since October, Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes has been paid $33,135 by his own campaign as reimbursement for mileage. Since January, the campaign has paid him $7599 for other expenses, and since February, the campaign has paid his daughter Jordan $5200 to be his assistant. Also since February, Maes has received a flat $5000 a month for mileage.
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