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Women’s rights supporters use satire to battle latest ‘personhood’ measure

Colorado soundly defeated anti-abortion "personhood" ballot initiatives in the last two election cycles. Voters found the move to grant fertilized human eggs all of the rights of adult citizens of the state absurd and untenable. Personhood supporters have vowed to try again next cycle, saying they're fighting an educational and moral battle and that winning will take time. The same battle is now waging in Georgia, where hard-core Republican Christian Rep. Bobby Franklin's personhood legislation is drawing an outraged response from women's rights supporters around the nation.

Arizona shooting spurs Georgia lawmaker to introduce ‘church carry’ gun rights...

In the wake of the Arizona "Congress on Your Corner" shooting spree, Americans began to talk again about the nation's gun laws. In Arizona Jared Loughner, a mentally unstable man with a record of disturbing public behavior and drug use, opened fire with a semi-automatic handgun he bought in a strip mall. He killed six people and injured at least a dozen others. Some of us talked about the need to keep crazy people from buying guns. Others of us talked about how we should be able to take our guns everywhere-- like into the nation's capitol-- to protect ourselves from the crazies. In Georgia today, a gun rights group is celebrating the introduction of a bill that would lift a state law banning weapons in houses of worship. Unarmed worshipers, they say, are ripe for attack. They call the bill "church carry" but there are an estimated 100,000 Muslims living in Atlanta who will refer to the bill as "mosque carry," which may not be looked upon as favorably by the bill's sponsor.
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