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Wiretap: Sorry, we did spy on Congress, CIA says

  The CIA admits that it actually did spy on Congress, hacking Senate Intelligence Committee files and filing a bogus report to the Justice Department....

Littwin on Senate-CIA spat: This time, no one is fleeing to...

The CIA-versus-Dianne Feinstein and Mark Udall story has got everything -- lying, stealing, bullying, spying, mendacity, audacity, betrayal and, of course, because it's 2014, hacking.

Wiretap: Udall on frontline in escalating Senate-CIA battle over snooping

The fight went semi-public in a March 4 letter to Barack Obama in which Colorado U.S. Senator Mark Udall spoke of “unprecedented action [i.e., computer snooping] taken by the CIA against the [Intelligence] Committee."

Wiretap: It couldn’t just disappear; it did disappear

Lost: What could have happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

Littwin: The whistleblower blues

The New York Times publishes an editorial, and at least one thing becomes clear: Newspapers still matter, at least if the paper is the Times, which has proposed that Edward Snowden come home, with the semi-blessing of a reluctant Obama administration.

Udall honors CIA-trained Tibetan guerillas at Camp Hale

Sen. Mark Udall, D-Colo., presided over a strange ceremony Friday high in the mountains between Vail and Leadville at a former U.S. Army training...

WATCH: Controversial Karl Rove-Code Pink book tour coming to Colorado

Former Bush Adviser and GOP top strategy man Karl Rove's book tour is coming to Littleton and Colorado Springs this weekend. Will he be...

The ultimate Bush Administration torture timeline

The New York Times and Sunday morning political talk shows are contorting themselves into linguistically-torturous positions in a feeble attempt to avoid using the word "torture" to describe the immoral and criminal techniques employed at Guantánamo, Abu Ghraib and CIA black sites against suspected al Qaeda-linked prisoners. Now, Foreign Policy magazine has produced the euphemism-free "ultimate guide to the Bush Administration's journey to the dark side."

Even Without Video, Proof of CIA Torture Exists

When he didn't answer or provided an answer they didn't like, at first would slap Mowhoush, and then after a few slaps, it...
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