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The Republican dilemma: Colorado civil unions debate spotlights conservative-politics fault line

The coming debate in the Colorado House Judiciary Committee on same-sex civil unions bill SB 172 will center on Republican arguments for and against the legislation. The debate scheduled to take place under the Dome in Denver Thursday will underline the dynamics shaping the larger national debate on gay rights-- a debate that now pits Republicans against Republicans because Democrats and Independents have already made up their minds on the matter.

Obama eulogizes grandmother: ‘She was one of those quiet heroes’

Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama broke into tears in front of a crowd of 25,000 at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte as he broke the news that his grandmother Madelyn Dunham had died Sunday night in Hawaii. "She was a quiet hero," Obama said of the woman who raised him as a young boy. On the eve of the election, wiping tears from his cheeks, Obama told the crowd, "In just one more day, we have the opportunity to honor all those quiet heroes all across America."

Palin’s Secret Service code name likely not Schaffer’s favorite

When Sarah Palin picked "Denali" as her Secret Service code name, was she subtly mocking Bob Schaffer?

UPDATED: Obama, Palin set Colorado events Monday

Two weeks after accepting the nomination at Invesco Field, Sen. Barack Obama's campaign announced a return visit to Colorado scheduled on Monday. Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin returns to the state early in the week too, according to the Rocky Mountain News.

John McCain and Sarah Palin in Colorado Springs on Saturday

UPDATE: The Gazette reports that all available tickets to Saturday's McCain-Palin rally in Colorado Springs have been handed out. Just two days after Senator John McCain accepts the Republican nomination for president, he'll be back in Colorado with vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin in tow. The pair plans on a 9:00 a.m. rally on Saturday at the Colorado Springs Municipal Airport. Cindy McCain will also be there.

RNC mixed messaging

The ideals of "country first," and "service" won lavish praise at the Republican National Convention last night. The realities of the Republican party and President George W. Bush got rather less respect.

Republican family values

People who live in seven to ten glass houses …
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