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Colorado ballot initiative aims to give local governments say on fracking

"People are familiar with this issue, all around the state. They're doing their own research and talking about fracking and local control... It's in the news."

Feds weigh no-drilling plan for North Fork public lands

Home to the small towns of Hotchkiss, Crawford and Paonia, south east of Grand Junction, the North Fork River Valley has long been slated for oil-and-gas development, particularly on the surrounding federal land where exploration can be done inexpensively. But local residents came up with a different plan for how to use the 100 thousand-plus acres, and the feds have agreed to take it into consideration.

North Fork Valley federal lawsuit seeks end to secret oil, gas...

The Citizens for a Healthy Community and Western Environmental Law Center's suit aims to upend the Bureau of Land Management's practice of keeping nominators' names secret until after a lease is sold.
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