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Carroll: Bring on the civil unions

State Senator Pat Steadman, D-Denver, and Rep. Mark Ferrandino, D-Denver, today picked up a somewhat unlikely ally in their quest to pass civil union legislation next year. Denver Post columnist Vince Carroll today opined that civil unions were no threat to traditional marriage, though he also commented that allowing heterosexual couples to choose civil unions as an alternative to marriage might be going too far.

Doh: Fumbled 2005 anti-gay amendment may ban all marriage in Texas

A conservative group wrote a constitutional amendment in Texas in 2005 meant to be so broad that it would ban gay people from any...

Polis to co-sponsor bill overturning federal ban on same-sex marriage

Democratic U.S. Rep. Jared Polis has signed on as a lead co-sponsor of legislation that will be introduced next week to repeal the Defense...

Ferrandino: Court decision upholding California’s Prop 8 ‘a blip’ in progress

A state lawmaker who has sponsored bills expanding civil rights for gay couples in Colorado said Tuesday afternoon he wasn't surprised California's Supreme Court upheld a ballot measure banning gay marriage but called the decision "a blip" in the country's advances toward equality. State Rep. Mark Ferrandino, a Denver Democrat and the first openly gay man to sit in the Colorado legislature, said he expects California voters to go back to the polls to overturn Proposition 8, which passed last fall with 52 percent of the vote.

Gay marriage watchers eye Colorado

Last week in gay marriage, which brought groundbreaking developments in Iowa and Vermont, underlined the patchwork nature of our country's legal fabric, leaving citizens across the country scratching their heads: "What does it mean?" "What happens next?" ACLU Director Matt Coles has written a short guide to the issue at the ACLU blog, where he explains that the future of gay marriage hinges on what happens in states like Colorado.

Silver: Colorado could be willing to reverse gay marriage ban in...

Colorado voters will be ready to repeal the state's constitutional ban on gay marriage next year, according to an analysis by voting statistics geek Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight.com. Following the Iowa Supreme Court's establishment of same-sex marriage on Friday, Silver examined the trends in the 30 states that have voted on gay marriage bans and found that "while you might (not) know it from Proposition 8's victory last year, voter initiatives to ban gay marriage are becoming harder and harder to pass every year."
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