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Guest Post: Make no room for hatred in politics 'This is...

One great truth is that there is no room for hatred in politics, or anywhere else in civilized society. Anger, which has been aptly...

Interfaith group committed to try and wring civility from political leaders

Increasing calls in the wake of the Tucson shootings for civility in political discourse have given rise to not-very-civil finger-pointing and defiance among many of the nation's high-profile political pundits. "Wingnut talk-radio did it!" "Leftist twinkie-eating secular culture is the problem!" "The Democrat party supports the assassin!" "Blood libel!" Undeterred, a group of more than fifty interfaith leaders are addressing members of Congress directly, asking them to lead by example. Unfortunately, similar calls have spectacularly failed in the recent past.

‘Truth in Immigration’ Site Aims to Bust Myths, Correct Media

One after another, Latino and immigrant advocacy organizations are calling on the powers that be to tone down the spiteful rhetoric on immigration and...
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