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Poll: Wide support in Colorado for same-sex civil unions

For years, credible surveys conducted among Colorado voters have found opinion in the state swinging strongly in favor of legal relationship recognition for gay couples. Results released Friday by North Carolina-based Public Policy Polling show the strongest support yet. Coloradans, according to a poll conducted last week (pdf), support a civil unions bill presently being considered by the state legislature by a whopping 30-point spread.

Civil unions supporters go old school, message lawmakers with construction paper...

Colorado lawmakers, beset like people everywhere today by ephemeral digital messaging, received a rare treat at the capitol yesterday in the form of construction paper "links of love" Valentine's Day messages. The curly colored notes came from constituents asking lawmakers to support same-sex civil unions legislation introduced Monday by Sen. Pat Steadman, D-Denver. Civil unions advocates delivered the hand-written colored paper messages, more than a thousand of them. Video evidence below.