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Trains, Pains and Auditory Pollution

If there were a sound that conjured Colorado – an equivalent to the image of a Rocky mountain or the crisp smell of high-desert air – it would be the sound of a train. Steel-wheel rumbles and locomotive whistles evoke the work of stringing together the junctions that formed the map of our square state.

Gridlocked U.S. Senate thin on women lawmakers

There are only 17 women in the 100-member U.S. Senate, which is one of so many under-the-radar problems exacerbating gridlock in the dysfunctional chamber, the Huffington Post's Amanda Terkel reports. By comparison, 17 is the same number of women who presently sit in the 35-member Colorado senate. The upshot, according to the lawmakers Terkel talked to, is that the family, health and poverty issues at the heart of daily national life are inadequately addressed and compromise and problem-solving are reduced to four-letter words.

Sens Udall and Bennet vote for lower- and middle-class tax cuts

Senate Republicans killed two bills Saturday that sought to extend the Bush tax cuts to the middle class while letting the cuts expire for...

Pelosi draws heat for calling quits on public option

Just hours after Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., announced that he’d whip “aggressively” for the public option if the House includes it in its reconciliation...

Udall, Bennet summoned with other conservative Dems to the White House

ABC is reporting that President Obama has asked to meet with select Democratic senators, including Colorado Sens Mark Udall and Michael Bennet, as well...
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