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News poem: UNTITLED (By the end)

By the end, we won’t remember what happened when. We’ll remember hardly any of it. The only thing that makes it   bearable is all the blossoming. The...

Littwin: James Holmes real trial begins: To kill or not to...

Now that James Holmes has been found guilty of the terror that he brought to the Aurora theater that night three years ago, the...

Littwin: The death penalty’s dying breaths, even in Nebraska

Someday when they write the history of the death penalty in the United States, it will include the fact that on the day Boston...

Oklahoma sued over botched execution

  Oklahoma state officials need to stop shrouding information about its executions, according to a lawsuit filed today. The suit, filed by The Oklahoma Observer...

Littwin: The rush to more botched executions

Now we can understand why John Hickenlooper decided to grant Nathan Dunlap his temporary reprieve last year.

The Lockett Effect

By most accounts, Oklahoma’s execution of Clayton Lockett on Tuesday was a medical, legal and moral fiasco.

Troubled capital punishment process ends in prolonged, groaning death

We had been warned that the execution of Clayton Lockett, a convicted murderer and rapist who had shot his 19-year-old victim and ordered a friend to bury her alive, would take longer than usual.

Wiretap: Another horrific botched execution

The state of Oklahoma had finally gotten its way and was about to complete the first of two executions when everything went wrong.
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