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U.S. House votes to rescind EPA authority to regulate greenhouse gases

The U.S. House has voted 255-172 in favor of restricting the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s authority under the Clean Air Act to regulate greenhouse gas emissions.

Kennedy slams media on public policy failures, lack of energy reform

With President Barack Obama Wednesday saying the GOP takeover of the U.S. House officially puts a fork in comprehensive climate change legislation, an interview...

With Congress gridlocked on climate legislation, environmental groups forge ahead

Despite the Gulf oil spill, a massive pipeline break in Michigan and broad concerns about global warming, ambitious climate-change and energy legislation is likely dead for the year. That poses a conundrum, going forward, for environmentalists: How to convince lawmakers of the need for legislation to sever the country’s decades-long ties to oil and to reform energy policy more generally?

Udall pushes new renewable standard as part of last-ditch climate bill

In a last-ditch effort to salvage climate change legislation before the end of the year, the emphasis now is on a utility-only carbon cap...

Colorado firms conflicted on immigration debate bumping climate change bill

What do Colorado residents – both the legal and illegal ones – care more about: comprehensive climate change legislation or immigration reform? Even as blogs...

Aspen Chamber votes to call out U.S. Chamber for global-warming policies

The Aspen Chamber Resort Association's board of directors Tuesday voted 12-2 to take on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for its questioning of global...
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