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Mark Udall rips Donald Trump in his first major political speech...

  DENVER — Mark Udall emerged from the wilderness after two years of near silence to unleash a harsh attack on Donald Trump in front...

Guv race sparring over public lands likely not consequential, but revealing

Beauprez's line about federal overreach drew cheers, even if some had little idea they were cheering a fringe strain of anti-federalism experts say would result in a politicized short-term approach to issues that benefit most from a long view.

Wiretap: Cliven Bundy and the cop killers

“[Bundy] put our people in grave danger by calling in armed civilians from around the country, and that’s not okay.”

The Republican immigration-reform problem persists

The GOP is speeding into another presidential election year facing the same "Latino problem" that destroyed any chance for victory in 2012. The "Latino problem" is a "Tea Party problem."

Littwin: Pure primary gold

  FIRST Mecca. Now the White House. Tom Tancredo, the self-admitted bomb thrower, is running for governor of Colorado by going all incendiary on Barack Obama,...

Wiretap: The Keystone pipeline fails the ‘Keystone Principle’, of course

"To avoid truly catastrophic climate change, the world needs to avoid new, long-term capital investments that are going to 'lock in' dangerous levels of carbon emissions."

Wiretap: The week in race-talk — schools, Nevada ranchers, affirmative action

Affirmative action. Desegregation. Resegregation... Given the nation's growing diversity, the stakes grow ever greater to get it right on race.

Littwin: Winning the coveted Cliven Bundy vote

  If Cliven Bundy is feeling abandoned, he should come to Colorado. If he's looking for someone who is apparently not all that appalled by his...

Wiretap: You can’t wish away racial inequality

Justice Sotomayor explains to the Chief Justice. And here's an American/Fox News thought experiment: What if welfare rancher Cliven Bundy were black?

Wiretap: You will not deny your connection to the black everyman

Doug Glanville, former baseball player, ESPN baseball analyst, was racially profiled shoveling snow in his driveway. He wants to turn that somehow into a good thing.
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