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Politics of disaster relief catch up with Colorado Republicans

Already, national media outlets are pointing out that Colorado's four Republican congressmen voted against disaster relief funding for Hurricane Sandy victims in January.

Colorado’s Buck wages proxy do-over campaign in Wisconsin

Colorado's Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck has joined the national campaign to support Wisconsin Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mark Neumann. In a Monday email blast (pdf), Buck stressed that control of the Senate could well turn on this single race. That's the same thing analysts said about the race Ken Buck lost in 2010 to Michael Bennet in Colorado.

Wiens signs Club for Growth health reform repeal pledge

Even as the most fiery of the health reform rhetoric cools, mostly self-financed Colorado GOP U.S. Senate candidate Tom Wiens is making his signed...

Pro-war, anti-tax groups launch two Udall attack ads

An aging hippie standing outside a smoke-filled van joins an attack on "eminent domain abuse" as two high-spending outside groups launched new attack ads against Democratic Senate candidate Rep. Mark Udall this week.
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