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Colorado’s new Public Health and Environment director still hedging on climate...

In the end, after some false starts and rhetorical meandering, the question was simple: Do you believe that carbon dioxide is a green house gas and contributes to climate change and therefore poses a serious health threat to humans? Al Gore and an overwhelming majority of climate scientists the world over answer a straightforward yes to that question. Most of the Republicans in Congress, however, answer no. Oil and gas climate "researchers" also answer no. Dr. Chris Urbina, the new Director of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment didn't seem sure how to answer the question, or at least didn't know how to answer state Republican senators asking him the question at his confirmation hearing Thursday.

Colorado climate scientists aghast at Buck views on global warming

Members of Colorado's world-renowned climate science research community blasted U.S. Senate candidate Ken Buck at a conference Friday for touting his skepticism about global...

Two Groups Urging Colorado Carbon Fee Initiatives

Two different strategies to try to raise the price of carbon emissions in Colorado to fight climate change.With considerable fanfare, more than 200 leading...
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