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Bipartisan phone survey: Majority of Westerners prefer renewable energy

A phone survey of 2,200 registered voters in five western states, including 600 in Colorado, found that a majority of western voters think the amount of their state’s electricity being produced by renewable energy sources should “dramatically increase,” even if it means paying more on their utility bill.

Railing against ‘stealth’ carbon tax, Carroll makes no mention of subsidies

Conservative Denver Post columnist Vince Carroll Wednesday underlined a move by new state House GOP leadership to do away with the energy part of...

Coal, gas clash has House race smoldering on Western Slope

The political ramifications of Gov. Bill Ritter’s “New Energy Economy” are likely to energize at least one state House race on the Western Slope, where coal mining and natural gas production are now at odds over the governor’s Clean Air Clean Jobs Act. In the south, sprawling House District 61 includes heavy coal mining along the North Fork of the Gunnison River, and in the north the district includes the eastern reaches of Garfield County’s mega gas patch.

Odd bedfellows tour rolls on with Clean Air, Clean jobs rally...

About 300 people rallied on the west steps of the state capitol Monday morning to show their support for the proposed Clean Air-Clean Jobs Act, which would require Xcel Energy to mothball or retrofit three coal-burning power plants in favor of cleaner-burning gas-powered facilities.

Activist Biggers fights uphill battle against dirty coal

Jeff Biggers, a civil rights activist and cultural historian, watched helplessly a dozen years ago as the hollers of Eagle Creek, Illinois — a corner of the Shawnee National Forest and his family’s home for roughly 200 years — were blasted away, the forested hills bulldozed by companies harvesting the lucrative coal seams underground — a scene from Avatar playing out before the movie was made.

Activists look to transform Colorado power grid one co-op election at...

Conservationists appear to be taking a more subtle approach to reforming the fossil-fuel-fixated ways of Colorado’s rural electric associations (REAs) this legislative session, introducing a bill that would daylight the co-op’s board of director elections, but not offering much more in terms of transformative legislation.

Sens. Udall and Bennet seek to have it both ways on...

Colorado U.S. Sens. Mark Udall and Michael Bennet with 12 other Senate Democrats signed onto a letter (pdf) urging Senate leaders weighing climate legislation...

Keeping Energy’s Golden Goose from Becoming a Golden Noose: Part One

Buck McVeigh has a bumper sticker that he uses in the presentations he makes as administrator of Wyoming's Economic Analysis Division. The bumper sticker...
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