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Wiretap: Snow-free olympics, out footballers, contraception confusion

The scandal is that, if the climate change people are right, we may soon run out of places to hold the Winter Olympics.

Wiretap: CBO says Obamacare is either bad or good for Americans

If you're confused by the Congressional Budget Office report on Obamacare, there's good reason. Many of the people writing and talking about the report are confused.

Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Kraft and Intuit drop membership in ALEC

The Coca-Cola Company announced last week it is withdrawing from the conservative American Legislative Exchange Council, known as ALEC, which has been accused by progressive organizations of working “to disenfranchise African Americans, Latinos, students, the elderly, the disabled, and the poor.”

Secretary Clinton lambasted for Corporate Excellence choices

Food and water activists are raising a howl of protest at that old whipping boy... or girl of the left, Hillary Clinton for nominating...
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