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WATCH: Controversial Karl Rove-Code Pink book tour coming to Colorado

Former Bush Adviser and GOP top strategy man Karl Rove's book tour is coming to Littleton and Colorado Springs this weekend. Will he be...

Denver drops charges against DNC protester shoved to ground by police

The Denver city attorney's office dropped criminal charges Wednesday morning against a Code Pink demonstrator who was videotaped being slammed to the ground by a baton-wielding Denver Police officer during a protest at the Democratic National Convention, The Denver Post's Howard Pankratz reports. Alicia Forrest, a 22-year-old Arizona resident, faced charges of interfering with police and could have been sentenced to a year in jail, her defense attorney said.

Denver police ‘Beat the Crowds’ T-shirt no laughing matter, protesters charge

Protest groups are demanding Denver police halt the sale and disicpline anyone responsible for the creation of a "commemorative" DNC T-shirt distributed to officers featuring a baseball-bat wielding cop and the slogan "WE GET UP EARLY to BEAT the Crowds 2008 DNC."

DNC protest groups to sue city of Denver, police officers

Re-create 68 protesters and other activists plan to file suit against the city of Denver and the Denver police department for violating their constitutional rights during the Democratic National Convention.

Video depicts Code Pink protester shoved to ground, investigation launched

A video by the Rocky Mountain News that depicts police officer shoving a Code Pink activist to the ground with a baton at a Civic Center protest on Tuesday will be investigated by Denver’s police monitor.
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