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VIDEO: Stephen Colbert to run Iowa ad

Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert might be ready to flex the muscles of his newly established Super PAC, and he seems willing to begin the work-out in Iowa. On The Colbert Report Monday night, the comedian told other potential PACs hoping to back Texas Gov. Rick Perry to back off, “I saw him first.”

VIDEO: Colbert’s own sweet take on the debt ceiling

When the serious (Republican) guys (sorry gals) in Congress introduce a bill just so they can vote it down, you have to turn to the funny guys to make sense of it all.

VIDEO: Minnesota’s two (count em, two) presidential hopefuls offer more fodder...

Minnesota’s potential presidential candidates are giving Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert plenty of material these days, from Tim Pawlenty letting news of his candidacy slip on CNN (before backpedaling on the topic) to Michele Bachmann telling Iowa conservatives that the earth is 5,000 years old.

VIDEO: Conservative analogy between second-hand smoke and homosexuality gets national laugh

Once you get on a Colbert roll, it's hard to get off, so here we go again: Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert singled out conservative organization The Family Leader and its president, Bob Vander Plaats, for their renewed interest in comparing the public health risks of homosexuality to second-hand smoke.

VIDEO: Kyl skewered for ‘not intended as factual’ slam on Planned...

Cable TV news satirists Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert mocked Arizona Senator Jon Kyl Monday for the way he overstepped in making the case against Planned Parenthood on the floor of the Senate last week. Kyl's wild exaggeration about Planned Parenthood and abortion, however, served to underline the distortions at the heart of the broader campaign waged against Planned Parenthood since January.

Colbert dices Buck on the gays: ‘He can’t help it; he...

The U.S. media has largely embraced homosexuality as a naturally occurring healthy variation of human sexuality, which makes Colorado U.S. Senate candidate Ken Buck...

Humor of Polis ‘Colbert Report’ segment lost on Post reporter

Apparently somebody forgot to tell the Denver Post that Stephen Colbert’s “Colbert Report” on Comedy Central is satire. Initially acknowledging the “TV funnyman” is a...
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