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Hick on Vaccines: Strong statement, still no real plan

DENVER — Governor John Hickenlooper has recently made a strong case for the need to raise Colorado’s bottom-of-the-barrel vaccination rates, but he has fallen...

New Senate Prez Cadman launches session by prioritizing cooperation

Taking Republican control of the State Senate for the first time in a decade, newly elected Senate President Bill Cadman, R-Colorado Springs, lit candles...

And they’re off: Colorado General Assembly Opening Day

Colorado's General Assembly kicked off its 70th session in classic Colorado style -- so bipartisan it’s hard to say who’s walking onto the court with the upper hand.

Colorado state legislature returns to more typical purple hue

  After a shakeup that has had ballot counters working for days after the election tallying close races, the state Senate has flipped by one seat...

The Oprah Effect

The Colorado General Assembly seems to want to hand out tax credits the way Oprah hands out cars. One big difference, though, is that Oprah's spending her own money while tax credits spend everyone’s money.
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