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Asset Bill opens up rift among Hispanic Republicans in Colorado

In 2010's mid-term election, roughly 80 percent of Hispanic voters in Colorado voted for Democrat Michael Bennet for the U.S. Senate over Republican Ken Buck. Obama today is leading strongly among Hispanics.

Mejia applauds Senate for passage of Asset bill

Denver Mayoral Candidate James Mejia today issued a statement in support of SB 126, the Asset Bill which provides undocumented students access to higher education. He called for quick passage of the bill by the Colorado House of Representatives.

VIDEO: Senators speak out for and against in-state tuition for undocumented...

Thursday, the Senate Education Committee passed SB 126, also known as Colorado ASSET. The debate showed Republican legislators conflicted on the issue and Democrats ardently in support.

CU Students rally to support ASSET bill to provide in-state tuition...

BOULDER – Over 100 CU students braved the fierce cold on Wednesday to show support for SB 126, which would grant undocumented Colorado students access to higher education through in-state tuition.
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