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A budget battle and brinksmanship. Then Colorado lawmakers agreed on $35M...

Colorado lawmakers agreed late Wednesday to spend $35 million next year on police officers in schools and security upgrades to school buildings. It was the...

State lawmakers add and subtract on the state’s premier budget document

Update: as of 8:02 p.m., Republican Rep. Dave Williams of Colorado Springs asked that the budget bill (more than 600 pages) be read at...

Colorado schools face an uphill battle as lawmakers wrestle with budget

Colorado lawmakers learned Friday that balancing the state budget just got about $135 million harder. That’s the increase in the shortfall between available money and...

Guest post: We’re Republican lawmakers and we think it’s time to...

NOTE: The Colorado Independent occasionally runs guest posts from government officials, local experts and concerned citizens on a variety of topics. These posts are...

Colorado state budget researcher: ‘We’re headed off a cliff’

There is nowhere near enough money for Colorado to continue to do the business of the state as things stand, according to an influential team of researchers at the University of Denver. State lawmakers will either have to raise more money or cut away the kind of programs and services most Americans view as measures of the baseline quality of life achieved over centuries in the world's wealthiest nation.

June revenue forecast stronger than expected

The Colorado Legislative Council today released its quarterly forecast, showing that the state is bringing in more money than expected and that Colorado seems to be recovering from the recession at a slightly faster pace than the country as a whole.

VIDEO: How to fix the Colorado budget? Talk about it

Now that this year's legislative session is safely behind us, maybe it's time to talk about the state budget. That, anyway, seems to be the premise behind a video released today by the Bell Policy Center and ProgressNow Colorado.

Colorado could balance budget with a less regressive tax code

A new report by United for a Fair Economy shows how Colorado's fiscal problems could be fixed by flipping its regressive tax system.

Fee increases could cause 2,000 children to go without health insurance

As the long bill passed the House on 3rd and final reading Thursday, a JBC-initiated bill that may cause 2,000 low-income children to drop out of a Colorado health care assistance program also won the Legislature's approval.

House bill could strip millions from state revenue

The bipartisan hug issued around the Legislature after a compromise on the state budget Tuesday was broken Wednesday as House Republicans passed a bill exempting businesses from business personal property taxes.
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