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Coloradans propose more taxpayer support for the local news. Here’s what...

On Monday, members of the Colorado Media Project took questions at CU Denver about the group's new report "Local News is a Public Good"...

Some businesses see opportunity in new methane rules

Natural gas wasted at well sites between 2009 and 2014 could have fueled five million households for a year.   DENVER - Some businesses are welcoming the...

Hacking sexual harassment at Colorado College

If you need to get the attention of an entire college campus, stick an announcement in a restroom stall. They are the most public private...

Am I making myself perfectly queer?

No matter where I go, there’s something about my hair that screams, “Please offer me unsolicited feedback.” “Bieber wannabe.” “Mesbian (male lesbian).” “So retro!” I’ve heard it all.

Climate change, urban demands, energy exploration tapping out Colorado River

The once-lush delta where the Colorado River used to spill out into the Sea of Cortez is now a dry sandy landscape in Mexico where “America's hardest-working river” is too tired to finish the job. Climate change, urban demand and a burgeoning energy industry are literally tapping the Colorado River to death.

In Colorado, conservation and jobs go hand in hand, say voters

Can a person be pro-business and pro-environment? In Colorado and surrounding states, the answer is a resounding "yes" according to a poll released today by Colorado College.

Defiant Coffman sure to turn to middle in new tossup 6th...

In his more than 20-year political career, Colorado 6th District Republican Congressman Mike Cofffman has never lost an election. Before heading to Capitol Hill, he was a state representative and senator, then state treasurer and then briefly secretary of state. Among insiders, it has been accepted as a given that Coffman is planning to take a run in 2014 at Democratic U.S. Senator Mark Udall's seat. Any future Coffman political plans, however, were complicated Thursday, when Denver District Judge Robert Hyatt put the 6th District GOP stronghold into play by paring off large swaths of mostly white suburbs south of Denver and including more urban, working-class and Latino regions to the north.

Rick Perry’s immigration issues point at what’s wrong with the process,...

To be successful as the governor of Texas, it doesn't hurt to be a friend to the Latino community. To become the Republican presidential nominee, however, it may hurt a great deal.

Bipartisan phone survey: Majority of Westerners prefer renewable energy

A phone survey of 2,200 registered voters in five western states, including 600 in Colorado, found that a majority of western voters think the amount of their state’s electricity being produced by renewable energy sources should “dramatically increase,” even if it means paying more on their utility bill.

Praise for Martin pick at DNR; Obama Colorado College connection continues

Members of Colorado’s environmental community liked the selection Monday by Gov. Bill Ritter of Jim Martin, head of the Department of Public Health and...
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