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Proponents of anti-fracking measures turn in petition signatures

UPDATE: as of 3 p.m. Monday, supporters have turned in two anti-fracking ballot measures, an initiative to raise cigarette taxes and two measures that...

Americans for Prosperity is spending thousands to thwart a special session

Colorado’s chapter of the free-market group Americans for Prosperity is spending at least $10,000 to try and stop Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper from calling...

Business group asks Guv to reconvene lawmakers over the Hospital Provider...

  The pro-business group Colorado Concern wrote a half-page letter in Sunday’s Denver Post encouraging Gov. John Hickenlooper to call a special session to reclassify...

Power to the people, say the people

Despite the demise of a bill to increase the percentage of votes needed to pass a voter initiated constitutional amendment in the Legislature this year, grassroots advocates recently voiced their opposition to the move they see as part of a trend by legislators to limit the power of the people.

Referendum O set to return in 2010

Referendum O, a bipartisan attempt to make it more difficult to amend Colorado's state constitution, didn't rank among the top controversial ballot initiatives last year. The initiatives that generated heat included one on affirmative-action discrimination and one on the rights of the unborn, which were controversial in part because many voters don’t even believe there are such things as affirmative-action discrimination and the rights of the unborn.
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