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Coloradans seeking more school funding inch closer to 2018 ballot

Proponents of increasing funding for Colorado’s public schools cleared a major hurdle this week in their attempt to ask voters to bump up taxes...

Amendment 71, aka “Raise the Bar,” explained

Amendment 71, or “Raise the Bar,” is a rare beast— a ballot initiative about ballot initiatives. The measure, which seeks to make it harder...

A Colorado ballot measure to hinder ballot measures

  Colorado is a unique place. The first state to legalize recreational marijuana was able to do so because of how easy it is to...

Power to the people, say the people

Despite the demise of a bill to increase the percentage of votes needed to pass a voter initiated constitutional amendment in the Legislature this year, grassroots advocates recently voiced their opposition to the move they see as part of a trend by legislators to limit the power of the people.

Amending State Constitution moves one step closer to being more difficult

The Colorado House passed a resolution 52-12 today that will give the voters the option of limiting their own ability to change the Colorado Constitution in the next election. SCR 001 now goes back to the Senate, as amended by the House, for final passage.

Romanoff Proposes “Time Out” on State Constitution

The Colorado state legislators have had a lot of discussion about making it harder to amend the state constitution. A measure toughening regulations will...
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