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Younger Colorado students seek access to mental health care, without parental...

A bill before the Colorado legislature would allow younger children to access confidential therapy on their own to fight mental illness and youth suicide. A...

Transgender birth certificate bill crashes against anti-gay lobby

DENVER — “Like many of you, I never met a transgender person, until I met my daughter,” said Ben Taylor, an Australian with wiry...

State House sends same-sex domestic partner benefits bill to governor’s desk

The Colorado House gave final approval Tuesday to a bill that extends health insurance benefits to gay and lesbian domestic partners of state employees. The bill has already passed the state Senate and heads to Gov. Bill Ritter for his signature.

Focus on the Family: Colorado just can’t afford same-sex benefits bill

Focus on the Family Action takes to the airwaves this week with a radio ad opposing SB 88 -- a bill that would add health benefits for same-sex domestic partners of state employees -- because it's just too darned expensive during a "global economic crisis," Right Wing Watch reports. "Coloradans can’t afford this social experiment," argues the political arm of the Colorado Springs-based conservative religious group.

Sex-Ed Bill’s Meaning Muddled

Conservative religious group Colorado Family Action is lining up its members against House Bill 1300 in what it says is a fight for parental...
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