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Udall Jamestown flood ad: The last of the non-attack ads?

The Jamestown ad is a non-attack campaign ad, sure to become the rarest of media species as the days wind down toward November.

News Poem: ‘South Platte River: The Death of the Bull’

The bull, too big for his own good, sank down into that dark, dirty swirl and drowned. The swimming heifers survived, swimming seven hours against the flood.

News Poem: ‘Oil and Water’

Two spent storms rode currents out of Mexico until trapped in a Front Range trough. Down in the deeply punctured flats, twenty thousand black wells waited.

The government shutdown killed ‘elktober’

The gathering, trumpeting, head butting in Rocky Mountain National Park will go on without spectators this year. The same kind of show in Washington is drawing lots of attention.

CSU llama farm another flood loss

University officials got word days ago that the 26 long-necked wooly creatures had succumbed to the rushing water and isolation that struck areas across northern Colorado.
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