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North Dakota House passes ‘egg as a person’ bill

A controversial political tactic to ban some reproductive health services moved a step closer Tuesday. A bill to confer constitutional rights on fertilized human eggs passed the North Dakota state House Tuesday and moves on to the Senate.

Anti-abortion group on ‘personhood’ laws: It’s ‘the only option left’

Despite a crushing 3-to-1 loss of a pioneering, but controversial, state constitutional amendment to confer civil rights on fertilized human eggs, an American Life League spokesperson made a curious slip of the tongue in a weird silver lining statement about its future plans to ban abortion.

Anti-abortion group plans inaugural week ‘prophetic art display’

Christian anti-abortion activists announced a plan Tuesday to chalk the sidewalks near 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. with "pro-life messages and pictures" to greet the new First Family as they settle into their White House digs.

‘Eggmendment’ backers go national, vow to target every petition state

Despite a crushing defeat at the ballot box in Colorado on Tuesday, supporters of Amendment 48, the so-called "Personhood" Amendment, aren't "taking the loss personally," and have launched plans to take the fight to 16 more states, according to an anti-abortion news site and a Web site established by the group. The measure would have defined a fertilized egg as a person. It was widely seen as an end run around Roe v. Wade in an attempt to outlaw abortion, but opponents said it would also ban most forms of contraception.

Fanning the radical anti-abortion flames in Colorado

While ugly confrontation between reproductive-rights advocates and abortion opponents is inevitable, an internecine fight has been brewing between warring camps of absolutists that oppose abortion under any circumstances versus those who advocate for incremental change or are willing to make exceptions in certain cases.

Colorado personhood law backer linked to militant anti-abortion groups

A strange netherworld of extremes exists in today's anti-abortion movement. Nowhere is that more evident than its latest political salvo coming to a voting booth near you in November — Colorado's proposed Amendment 48, the so-called Human Life Amendment, a controversial mandate that seeks to confer constitutional rights to fertilized human eggs.

Origins of Personhood: The moral precedent of conception, religion and the...

The question of when life begins is an incredibly complex one with enormous legal and ethical ramifications for contraception, abortion, in vitro fertilization, embryonic...

Tweeting the ‘Egg as a Person’ Petition Press Conference

Join Colorado Confidential as we post live updates called "tweets" via the microblogging tool, Twitter.com, from the Human Life Amendment press conference at the...

War of Eggs and Politics Goes Underground for Schaffer, Abortion Foes

Hard-line anti-abortion forces in Colorado say they are backing off their fiery criticism of conservative U.S. Senate candidate Bob Schaffer for not supporting a...

Antiabortion Ballot Proponents Call Out Conservative Wimps

Proponents of the controversial "egg as a person" initiative have just one month left to submit petitions to the Colorado secretary of state to...
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