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Littwin: No-shows at the no-headline debate

debate was dominated by the absence of the boycotters, who are the apparent front-runners in the field and who didn't have a single good reason not to be there.

Littwin: We don’t do debates

  Now we have the new unofficial election rules in Colorado: It takes only two votes to effectively cut off debate in the Republican gubernatorial...

Poll numbers move up; Hickenlooper breathes out

The tepid showing by the gun-law-repeal boys (and girls) the other day at a state Senate committee hearing was a clue that that the...

Gschwendtner announces candidacy for governor

DENVER-- In the West Foyer of the capitol here, where Governor Ritter announced his decision to leave politics months ago, Joe Gschwendtner (guh-shwent-ner), a Republican from Castle Rock, said he wants in and that he's backing up his commitment to run for governor with $100,000 of his own money.
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