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News Nuggets, 20 August 2009: CU’s Lahn gets a few more...

Dug up fresh, daily. NOT EXACTLY OXFORD STYLE: CU student Zach Lahn continues to follow up on his contentious questioning of President Barack Obama in...

Colorado Media Matters shutters, national group eyes expansion

Colorado Media Matters — the sole state-based outlet of a national, liberal nonprofit that takes the media to task for "conservative misinformation" — shut its doors this week so its parent organization could determine how to efficiently expand into other states, The Denver Post first reported Wednesday afternoon. The shake-up will allow Media Matters to determine "if we can find a more efficient way of doing this," editorial director Bill Menezes told The Colorado Independent.

Gunny Bob, Caldara, Rosen try to tie Obama to Blagojevich

In their latest extensive — can we say exhaustive? — compilation of jaw-drop-inducing yakking of right-wing radio heads, Colorado Media Matters lays out recent ad hominem efforts to tie Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich to President-elect Barack Obama, despite U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald’s specific caution to "not cast aspersions on people" named or discussed in the criminal complaint against Blagojevich.

SOS hopeful Gessler warns of commies under every bed

Uh-oh. If Gov. Bill Ritter actually invites Scott Gessler for a Colorado secretary of state tryout, he's gonna have some ‘splainin’ to do — what with the major rule being no one is supposed to embarrass the governor and the Republican attorney already called some of Ritter’s big-dollar supporters Maoists.

Union members are the new terrorists?

Look out environmental activists, union members and their supporters may now be hot on your tail for the “terrorist” label if one Colorado politico has anything to say about it.

Affirmative-action defenders slam Jessica Peck Corry

A Colorado campaign to defend affirmative affirmative action programs against a ballot initiative that seeks to destroy them has some harsh words for its opponents. With just six weeks and counting until voters are asked to weigh in on the controversially named Colorado Civil Rights Initiative, the Vote No campaign has dropped its lawsuit against its rivals and opted instead for a concentrated advertising campaign.

Immigrant crash story a magnet for myths

The newest immigration uproar in Colorado involving an undocumented immigrant who allegedly caused a car accident killing three people in Aurora has emboldened media outlets and conservative radio hosts to parrot factual inaccuracies related to immigration.

More Federal Hate Mail?

If newly disclosed e-mails are any indication, employees at the US Justice Department appear to be very unhappy with the unholy bastion of liberalism...

UPDATED: Snarkalicious Colorado Media Matters Panel

I'm here at the Colorado Media Matters panel facing down John Marshall, campaign manager for Bob Beauprez. I wish I had a "Bed-wetting Liberal"...
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