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Reader’s view: Unregulated oil and gas extraction threatens public safety and...

Ed Marston, the former publisher of High Country News, wrote the following letter to the Colorado Oil and Gas Commission. He shared it with The Colorado...

Colorado drilling data: More than a spill a day

Along with buckled highways, washed-away towns and floating SUVs, lasting images of the floods that ravaged northern Colorado last year include the wrenched remains of fracking well pads.

Hickenlooper seeks to cool heated reaction spurred by proposed air-quality rules

DENVER -- Draft regulations written by an Air Quality Commission appointed by Governor John Hickenlooper and meant to address Colorado's spiking ozone levels were met with a wave of disappointment and anger among environmentalists, medical groups, small businesses and residents who have been engaged with the commission for nearly a year.

Longmont ballot initiative fuels debate over fracking

Longmont residents this November will vote on whether or not to ban within city limits the oil and gas drilling technique known as fracking.

Over-regulation charges persist despite third most drilling permits ever

Colorado issued the third highest number of oil and gas drilling permits in state history last year, according to Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) Director David Neslin, but oil and gas representatives continue to argue that over-regulation is strangling the industry.

Hickenlooper, McInnis face off at energy policy forum

DENVER-- Candidates for governor Democrat John Hickenlooper and Republican Scott McInnis faced off on energy policy at the Denver Athletic Club Tuesday before a crowd of roughly 250 oil and gas executives and environmentalists. McInnis came out strong against recent regulations on the industry, which he again argued cost the state jobs, as he has argued countless times over the past year. Hickenlooper said regulations could certainly be tweaked but he argued they played a minimal role in industry unemployment in the state.

Hickenlooper backs away from Ritter drilling regs; still blasted by McInnis...

Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper reportedly almost lost a finger working as a petroleum geologist in the gas patches of Colorado’s Western Slope in the 1980s. Now, according to some environmentalists, as the state's Democratic Party gubernatorial candidate Hickenlooper is in effect giving the finger to supporters of tougher new drilling regulations that went into effect last spring.

Oil-and-gas director says state AG may have to decide drilling setback...

A potentially precedent-setting fight over how close natural gas drilling should come to homes in the Western Slope community of Battlement Mesa may ultimately be decided by Colorado Attorney General John Suthers, according to the director of the state’s oil and gas conservation commission.

Is the Rulison Nuclear Site Too “Hot” to Drill?

A 43-kiloton nuclear bomb was exploded in 1969 in an experiment called the "Rulison Project" by the US Department of Energy to free up...

The H-Bomb and HB 1341

A 43-kiloton nuclear bomb was exploded in 1969 about 11 miles west of Rifle in an area called Rulison, not far from I-70. The...
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