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Agricultural interests steer Colorado’s wildlife management

These days, any search for bighorn sheep in southwestern Colorado is an exercise in desperation. Bighorn hunters and advocates must train their eyes on...

Chasing Light: Backyard birds

I'm not a fanatical birdwatcher, but I have spent time with people who could identify half-a-dozen species in the forest around us just from...

Twelve years of foot-dragging on lynx recovery

  FRISCO — Twelve years is long enough to finalize an endangered species plan for rare lynx in the Rocky Mountains, a federal judge has...

Year of the Bat: Colorado researchers not sleeping on white-nose syndrome

Fifteen months ago, the United Nations declared 2011 and 2012 as the International Year of the Bat to promote awareness about the under-appreciated insect gobbler, pollinator and seed disperser. The bat, you see, has fallen on hard times. There’s no easy way to explain this, so we hope you’re sitting down. Or upside down. Here it goes: Statistics show more than half of bat species in the United States are either suffering steep population declines or they are already listed as endangered. A major reason why is white-nose syndrome — a mysterious disease that is wiping out bats by the millions.