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How a gay hipster became a right-wing smearmeister

“Flat-out deranged.” That’s how The Denver Post’s editorial board described 26-year-old libertarian politico Jonathan Lockwood’s comments last month about Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet’s vote...

GOP launches new CO website, accidentally uses photos from UT, AZ

  The Colorado Republican Party’s Official Independent Expenditure Committee (CORE) launched a snazzy new website today, billed as a grassroots organizing and fundraising tool for...

Udall says we should consider radical changes to campaign finance laws

In a wide-ranging interview, Senator Mark Udall discusses America's wars, campaign finance reform, earmarks, and who he plans to sit with at the State of the Union speech.

Denver Post sues Drudge Report, extending copyright crusade

Denver Post management has taken aim over the past year at the internet, apparently sweeping the web routinely for Denver Post content and threatening litigation if it finds unlicensed material floating free of the Denver Post brand. It sent a letter to popular blogsite ColoradoPols this past summer sounding Orwellian warnings against quoting even the smallest amount of material from the paper. The Post has now sued the national conservative politics Drudge Report for running a Denver Post photo. The Las Vegas company suing on behalf of the Post is asking for $150,000 and for Matt Drudge to surrender his popular website domain names drudgereport.com and drudgereportarchives.com.

Lunchtime links: Catholic students not OK with Church gay bashing

In Minnesota, some smart Catholic school kids at Benilde-St. Margaret's took issue with the anti-gay propaganda sent out by their archdiocese. They picked the...

Colorado GOP strategery: Frazier runs at Perlmutter to defeat Markey

The surprise news that Republican Aurora City Councilman Ryan Frazier is planning to drop out of the race to unseat U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet...

Early Bird Special: Andrews blows an Obama gasket, Senate crowd swells

Yglesias thinks it's time to trash the Monday holiday tradition and switch to three-day weekends that start on a Friday. "I think it’s the...
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