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Sources: Romanoff planning primary challenge to Bennet for Senate seat

Former House Speaker Andrew Romanoff is readying a primary challenge to incumbent Democratic U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet. Supporters urged Romanoff to mount a primary challenge to Gov. Bill Ritter, whose surprise appointment of Bennet left some party activists angry, The Denver Post's Michael Riley and Christopher N. Osher report, but the 44-year-old Denver Democrat has instead decided to take on Bennet.

Caucus Report from Rifle: Democrats Come Out in Force

Rifle is in the heart of the Republican Land. A party quorum in Rifle used to be two Democrats chatting in front of the...

Precinct Caucuses: This is NOT an Election

Delegates have all the power in deciding which presidential candidates will move forward to the county conventions next month in Colorado. Although the media...

I’ve Moved — Where Do I Go? Answers On Precinct Caucuses

If you have moved recently, you may wonder about your qualifications to participate in Colorado's precinct caucuses scheduled for 7 p.m. Tuesday. We'll try...

Unraveling the Mysteries of Colorado’s Precinct Caucus

For the first time in recent history, Colorado Democratic and Republican Party members will be participating in the presidential selection process before the national...
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