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Luck of the law: CO sheriff’s policies on reporting to ICE...

For years, any time Immigration and Customs Enforcement asked, sheriffs across Colorado held suspected undocumented immigrants for up to two business days beyond their...

Hello Colorado, it’s still me, John

  John Hickenlooper is generally a crowd pleaser, but in a debate earlier this month against Bob Beauprez, he said something that drew scoffs and...

Littwin: Judge Krieger mocks the great gun-law sound and fury

The uproar wasn't really about these particular gun-control laws. Any gun-control laws would have caused an uproar.

Littwin: A GOP primary election doomed to end on the rocks

This is the day Republican primary voters should be nominating someone who could reasonably challenge incumbent Gov. John Hickenlooper. But they won't, because there's no one in the four-way field who can.
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