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Colorado House approves budget that cuts spending for private prisons despite...

Lawmakers are rolling the dice in an effort to drive down the state’s prison population. The $28.9 billion state budget approved Thursday includes no...

Hedges: The Colorado Conundrum

Perhaps you've heard of the "Colorado Paradox," the fact that our state is one of the most educated in the country - but mainly...

Colorado gets good news on budget today

The Governor’s Office of State Planning and Budgeting (OSPB) announced today that the state general fund revenue is projected to be $164.5 million higher in the next fiscal year than was forecast in December. The net increase to the general fund will be $149 million because of declining severance tax revenue.

Union group likens Republican amendment to Wisconsin tactics

Republican chair of the House Finance Committee Brian DelGrosso, Loveland, Wednesday moved to advance Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper's budget agenda by pushing an amendment that would have nearly doubled the extra amount government employees are paying into their state pension in order to help shore up the state budget.

Hickenlooper slashes K-12; Dems say it’s time to consider tax increases

Stating that Colorado needs to be more pro-business, Gov. John Hickenlooper cut deep into K-12, further sacrificed state employee earnings, and shut down some state parks and services in the budget proposal he delivered Tuesday.

Hickenlooper: Cut K-12 by $375 million

Governor Hickenlooper proposes huge education cuts, and also wants money from state workers in bid to balance budget.

State budget number still up in the air as legislators refuse...

The Senate pulled the plug on the struggling HJR 1007, leaving the General Assembly out of compliance with state law and the Joint Budget Committee with no consensus revenue projection by which to budget.

Budget battle continues between House Republicans and Senate Democrats

The ping pong game on a Colorado House joint resolution that provides direction for state spending continued today as House Republicans rejected amendments made yesterday in the Senate.
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