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Reaction on CSU funding shifts range from dismay to dismissive

Lawmakers and state officials reacted with a range of surprise, support, dismay and a call for greater accountability in response to The Colorado Independent's findings that, in the five years that Larry Penley has been at the helm of Colorado State University, he has poured money into the administrative and athletics departments, and shifted millions of dollars away from academics and the library system.

CSU’s president triples own budget, strips away cash for academics

Since taking the helm of Colorado State University in 2003, President Larry Penley has shifted millions in state funds away from the academic colleges and library system of the state’s second-largest university system, while beefing up the school's athletics department and nearly tripling the budget of his own Office of the President.

Are efforts to go green at CSU busting Colorado’s middle class?

Colorado State University's 138-year-old core mission is to serve Colorado's working-class families and to offer residents a high-quality, yet affordable, college education. Under the leadership of current President Larry Penley, that appears to be changing.

Letter Links CSU Golf Vendor to Chinese Sweatshop

New evidence has surfaced and media scrutiny is increasing in Colorado Confidential's ongoing probe of ties between collegiate merchandisers and sweatshop labor. Earlier this week,...

CSU Sweatshop Investigation Offers More Questions Than Answers

Colorado State University has indefinitely suspended business operations with a company named in an investigation of sweatshop abuses by an international human rights group. Team...

Amid Criticism, CSU Investigates Sweatshop Allegations

The group Colorado State University has charged with investigating whether Ram merchandise was made in a Chinese sweatshop has been accused of stifling real...

Report: CSU Merchandise Made In Chinese Sweatshop

Souvenir medallions bearing the Colorado State University logo are being made in a Chinese sweatshop where workers are forced to work long hours and...

Student Editor Who Survived F-bomb Needs to Mature

CSU Collegian editor David McSwane blames the press for his publicity woes while conveniently forgetting that he started the media circus.Colorado State University student...

Here’s a Shocker: Shock Value Doesn’t Work

There's probably something to be said for shock value, but after watching the aftermath of college newspaper editor David McSwane's decision to run an...

Colorado Universities to Open School of Public Health

The University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center announced the approval this week of a much needed new public health academic degree...
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